The e2e testing library I have been building for Dow Jones was open sourced a couple of weeks ago and has been getting some great feedback. I don't need a very big post here because we put lots of good work into to the docs, check it out: fiveby

In case you are too lazy to click, here is a synosis:


All the things you expect from a robust testing framework by neatly packaging: WebDriverJS, mocha, and should with a little glue and zero magic:

var fiveby = require('fiveby');

fiveby(function (browser) {  
  return describe('Google Search in ' +, function () {
      it('should work', function () {
        var searchBox = browser.findElement('q'));
        return searchBox.getAttribute('value').then(function (value) {

Add gulp and some convention to make it even more powerful: slush-fiveby. slush-fiveby is a simple fiveby project generator/example.

What's unique about fiveby?