Ok so here it is, the reason I have been so absent in social media. We have been working day and night!

WSJ Social - http://online.wsj.com/public/page/designtech-wsjSocialModule.html (the site was shuddered when social readers went the way of the Dodo)

So I won’t go into to much detail but I did want to give a high level overview of the stack and performance.

In the browser: HTML5, CSS3 and Dojo

"Web Servers", 2 tiers

  • Node 4.11 - calling RESTful services and rendering views (ejs) Express, Underscore, Klass, Step, and several others

  • Java - RESTful services written with Restlet and Spring, hosted on Virgo OSGi

Database - Mongodb =)

Continuous integration w/ Maven and Jenkins

All manner of testing: functional, unit, static analysis JUnit, Vows, JSLint, Findbugs, etc …

Monitoring -

Monit monitoring every server process, Cluster monitoring node instances, Jenkins doing some url testing of external services. Basically if someone sneezes we get a very detailed report. We can act before the user can pick up the phone =)

All requests served to browser < 100 ms and capable of handling thousands of request per second with a small amount of infrastructure

I also want to thank the small but dedicated team that worked to build this awesome new platform for the Journal. They are all brilliant, this project went from design to production in less than 3 months.

It is still beta but pretty solid. We still have many things to work out, like SSL, in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!